Monthly Archives: November 2014

Getting there

Finally got spawning bots into the game rather than the manual placement that existed before hand. As I said before now I can tailor the game to be truly challenging and that’s exactly what I plan to do over the next few days.

Everything I need to implement the goals set out are now available to me, well bar the difficulty setting but I have an idea on how to approach that and without wanting to jinx myself it shouldn’t be a problem.

As usual I’ll leave you with the latest update enjoy.

Still at it.

Haven’t disappeared, still working in the background on this just had some other projects that were eating into time, but over next week this will be getting more and more attention due to alpha deadline coming in a weeks time.

Now I did promise some bugs during the development of this game and so I’ll keep that promise with the video below. On the bright side I have bots spawning into the world, on the bad side… well just watch the video.

From here I’ll be able to incorporate and endless mode into the game to make the high score target more competitive. Currently its have one perfect game and you can’t be beaten. Next and final target is to have bots spawn in increasing amounts at a higher paces over time making survival eventually impossible and staying alive for that maximum amount of time to achieve the high score even more competitive.

That’s all for now, enjoy the video.