By the power of Greyskull

So power ups are now being spawned into the level. Not perfectly but it’s a start, the code used to achieve this is easily extensible to and other type of pickup. Spawning volumes are places into the world and then I set what type of pickup I want in each individual spawning volume.

The next step now is the kamikaze bots previously mentioned. After that I just want to add the load screen and restart game option when you win or die, also as you’ll see in the video below the win/loss condition needs be fixed to track number of AI killed rather than number of ammo left, since you can’t complete game now until you have used up all your ammo even if all the bots are dead.

Once those targets are set the base game is completed. From there it’s all about extra functionality which I should be able to do a small bit of within my two week deadline, barring any unforeseen circumstances.