And you can now. Call Of Uni Alpha is available on request from here, what you are getting is very early Alpha access to the game in its pure basic implementation. But its there and playable, you can replay the level and try beat previous scores, there is a start screen you go to before beginning play and you can exit the game after completing the level.

Current tasks include fixing the file save paths for keeping high score, adding difficulty levels (which also means adding spawning volumes for bots). Adding health pickups for the levels and general game balancing trying to make it as fun and challenging as possible.

Right now the game does have a win condition if you kill all the bots, but long term plans call for that to be removed and for the game to become survival mode based. So bots will keep spawning at an increasing rate until you die, goal is to get a high score.

Below is the latest gameplay video and is what is available in the current Alpha version, again available here, enjoy.