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Getting there

Finally got spawning bots into the game rather than the manual placement that existed before hand. As I said before now I can tailor the game to be truly challenging and that’s exactly what I plan to do over the next few days.

Everything I need to implement the goals set out are now available to me, well bar the difficulty setting but I have an idea on how to approach that and without wanting to jinx myself it shouldn’t be a problem.

As usual I’ll leave you with the latest update enjoy.

Still at it.

Haven’t disappeared, still working in the background on this just had some other projects that were eating into time, but over next week this will be getting more and more attention due to alpha deadline coming in a weeks time.

Now I did promise some bugs during the development of this game and so I’ll keep that promise with the video below. On the bright side I have bots spawning into the world, on the bad side… well just watch the video.

From here I’ll be able to incorporate and endless mode into the game to make the high score target more competitive. Currently its have one perfect game and you can’t be beaten. Next and final target is to have bots spawn in increasing amounts at a higher paces over time making survival eventually impossible and staying alive for that maximum amount of time to achieve the high score even more competitive.

That’s all for now, enjoy the video.



And you can now. Call Of Uni Alpha is available on request from here, what you are getting is very early Alpha access to the game in its pure basic implementation. But its there and playable, you can replay the level and try beat previous scores, there is a start screen you go to before beginning play and you can exit the game after completing the level.

Current tasks include fixing the file save paths for keeping high score, adding difficulty levels (which also means adding spawning volumes for bots). Adding health pickups for the levels and general game balancing trying to make it as fun and challenging as possible.

Right now the game does have a win condition if you kill all the bots, but long term plans call for that to be removed and for the game to become survival mode based. So bots will keep spawning at an increasing rate until you die, goal is to get a high score.

Below is the latest gameplay video and is what is available in the current Alpha version, again available here, enjoy.

Track all the things

So a lot more features added today. Getting closer and closer to that final target.

The Game now has a health, kills and score tracker. There is also a High score but right now I can’t get it to stay through multiple playthroughs that’s the next egg to crack. The good new is once that is done all I need to do is add a start screen and there is a basic game there ready to go that someone could load up and try beat their high score in.

As said tough I’d like to add things such as difficulty levels into this as well but things are coming along nicely. For now I’ll leave you with today’s video.

By the power of Greyskull

So power ups are now being spawned into the level. Not perfectly but it’s a start, the code used to achieve this is easily extensible to and other type of pickup. Spawning volumes are places into the world and then I set what type of pickup I want in each individual spawning volume.

The next step now is the kamikaze bots previously mentioned. After that I just want to add the load screen and restart game option when you win or die, also as you’ll see in the video below the win/loss condition needs be fixed to track number of AI killed rather than number of ammo left, since you can’t complete game now until you have used up all your ammo even if all the bots are dead.

Once those targets are set the base game is completed. From there it’s all about extra functionality which I should be able to do a small bit of within my two week deadline, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

In the game of Call of Uni you either Win or You Die

Or well maybe not die but you can lose so that counts for something.

So yes today’s work has been fruitful, I have an ammo count tracker as promised and also if you don’t kill all the enemies in the level with your ammo its gg for you. This is actually a good result of work as technically we now have a playable game. There is a win/loss condition.

But obviously there is a lot more to come from this project, I’m off after this post to crack into work on power ups within the level. For now I will be putting in ammo drops that give you a chance to still win the game if you ran out of your first batch of ammo (where you have one bullet for each bot in the level).

My current vision for the game (i.e a place I’ll be happy with at this stage) is having ammo and health packs in the level, and kamikaze bots (i.e. blow up and damage you upon entering melee range). I will then swarm the level with bots and hopefully add difficulty factor to change spawn numbers.

If I can get to that point and stick a start screen/high-score etc into the game (i.e the assets external to gameplay) within two weeks I will feel quite happy with myself. So with that said I’ll leave the latest update here and get back to it, enjoy.

Enemy Bots Bye Bye Enemy Bots

So the first first of a few of my hurdles has been accomplished, I’ll be it in a very simple manner but that’s where these things must start. I am of course talking about enemy Bots been destroyed when I shoot them.

Currently they are actually destroyed if I am aiming directly at them when I shoot rather than the ideal target of being destroyed when hit by a bullet. But as I said this is a good ground and one of the rougher tasks completed for the early draft of this game.

I also achieved Bot Spawning functionality today however it is far from perfect and currently not working within the fully designed game level. I’ve attached a video demonstration of the spawning function. Cylinder Blueprints are being spawned every three seconds into the game world.

I’ll leave it at that for now, as said my next task is health functionality for killing the bots and from there I can work on a simple HUD to track ammo for a start (since bots can’t attack yet health isn’t needed) and place some ammo power ups into the level. Also it should be noted what I implemented today will be a massive part of the game Spacetron (spawning/destroying simple bots) so it should be fun to get back into that and the game should be faster to develop as a result. Bye for now.

Destroying Bots

Spawning Actors

Call of Uni Reporting for Duty

As mentioned in Spacetron Update, I have moved onto a new project which is name Call of Uni. It is a first person shooter being developed in Unreal using C++ with Visual Studio 2013.

As of now I have simple AI running at my Player Character but plan on implementing attack abilities for the AI and Death events for both AI and Player Character,

After that I will implement power ups and a simple HUD to track ammo and health for the player. The project goals at the moment are as simple as I can make them but the potential for this project is quiet high and it should be fun to see where it goes.

I’ll leave you with two videos first is the current state of Call of Uni and the second is a fun little issue I had during attempts at spawning AI, enjoy.