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Spacetron Game

Moving Along

Tipping away at this Spacetron tutorial, lots of really interesting information available from it, I really recommend checking them out here. I’m onto the last part of this series and after that will start to make it my own. I have lots of nice ideas for it. Might be a while before I get to re-creating it in Unreal Engine, there’s plenty I can do with the XNA version right now.

I’ll leave you with the latest video, enjoy.

Still Alive

Still Alive

So yeah the blog has been bit quiet lately. Quick summary of reasons are Exams and New Job. Anyway finally started back into a bit of light work should become a more regular task again now. I’ve begun working through ¬†an XNA tutorial to get those C# skills back up to scratch it’s a simple space shooter arcade game that I plan to expand on a bit and maybe recreate in unreal engine for the experience. Update will continue as I work through this.

Also going to start work on a design doc for a game that I plan to begin development on during the summer with couple of friends will have more on that later.

Spacetron News

Quick Update on previously announced Spacetron. Due to my infancy within unreal engine and lack of time available to me, Spacetron is not going to be implementable through Unreal right now. I have switched my entrance to Unreal into a FPS game due to the wider availability of help on this type of game.

Spacetron is still going to be developed but I plan on creating it using XNA instead around Christmas time (or perhaps before if time allows for it.

Spacetron a new begining

Hey there,

As mentioned in today’s update post I have started on a new project called Spacetron, you can find more details on it from my portfolio page here. In short it is a twin shooter wave surival game set in space.

I shall be updating with new here as frequently as possible on my progress but for now sit back relax and enjoy the short introduction demo :).