Enemy Bots Bye Bye Enemy Bots

So the first first of a few of my hurdles has been accomplished, I’ll be it in a very simple manner but that’s where these things must start. I am of course talking about enemy Bots been destroyed when I shoot them.

Currently they are actually destroyed if I am aiming directly at them when I shoot rather than the ideal target of being destroyed when hit by a bullet. But as I said this is a good ground and one of the rougher tasks completed for the early draft of this game.

I also achieved Bot Spawning functionality today however it is far from perfect and currently not working within the fully designed game level. I’ve attached a video demonstration of the spawning function. Cylinder Blueprints are being spawned every three seconds into the game world.

I’ll leave it at that for now, as said my next task is health functionality for killing the bots and from there I can work on a simple HUD to track ammo for a start (since bots can’t attack yet health isn’t needed) and place some ammo power ups into the level. Also it should be noted what I implemented today will be a massive part of the game Spacetron (spawning/destroying simple bots) so it should be fun to get back into that and the game should be faster to develop as a result. Bye for now.

Destroying Bots

Spawning Actors