In the game of Call of Uni you either Win or You Die

Or well maybe not die but you can lose so that counts for something.

So yes today’s work has been fruitful, I have an ammo count tracker as promised and also if you don’t kill all the enemies in the level with your ammo its gg for you. This is actually a good result of work as technically we now have a playable game. There is a win/loss condition.

But obviously there is a lot more to come from this project, I’m off after this post to crack into work on power ups within the level. For now I will be putting in ammo drops that give you a chance to still win the game if you ran out of your first batch of ammo (where you have one bullet for each bot in the level).

My current vision for the game (i.e a place I’ll be happy with at this stage) is having ammo and health packs in the level, and kamikaze bots (i.e. blow up and damage you upon entering melee range). I will then swarm the level with bots and hopefully add difficulty factor to change spawn numbers.

If I can get to that point and stick a start screen/high-score etc into the game (i.e the assets external to gameplay) within two weeks I will feel quite happy with myself. So with that said I’ll leave the latest update here and get back to it, enjoy.