Spacetron News

Quick Update on previously announced Spacetron. Due to my infancy within unreal engine and lack of time available to me, Spacetron is not going to be implementable through Unreal right now. I have switched my entrance to Unreal into a FPS game due to the wider availability of help on this type of game.

Spacetron is still going to be developed but I plan on creating it using XNA instead around Christmas time (or perhaps before if time allows for it.

Spacetron a new begining

Hey there,

As mentioned in today’s update post I have started on a new project called Spacetron, you can find more details on it from my portfolio page here. In short it is a twin shooter wave surival game set in space.

I shall be updating with new here as frequently as possible on my progress but for now sit back relax and enjoy the short introduction demo :).



This is just a quick update on current going on with my game dev blog. For those of you who have been here before you may notice a lack of the game Zorkio. The reason for this being it has been pulled from development and my current project Spacetron (working title) is replacing it.

The blog will consist mainly if not completely of Spacetron updates from now until such time as I can venture back into other games so stay tuned 🙂


Welcome to my game development blog. I will post regular updates for games currently in development here about the process of creating the game.

Silly bugs, new ideas or successful solutions to problems anything “deemed” interesting will be posted (If I say it’s interesting it must be).

You can find links to all games in the pipeline at the top of the page.

Mods are games too :(

While on the topic of adding old content to portfolios here a Skyrim Mod I had worked on in the past. Again like “Deflector” this is proof of concept and although quite progressed it is not a finshed product and has not yet been released to the Skyrim Workshop on steam.

Video is below and a full write up (design/guide) is available here.

Blast from the past

Found an old friend from first year game design that I wanted to add to portfolio so will be storing information on it here and hopefully get around to working on it in the nearby future.

Meet Deflector and small and simple 3-Level, XNA (C#) computer game. This is being added here as proof of concept and should not be treated as a finished product, enjoy.